Companion care is ideal for adults who live alone or far from family, providing the company, conversation, and security of a dedicated care companion. These services can also be a lifeline for seniors who no longer have the energy, motivation, or physical well-being to live comfortably without assistance.

Our care assistants are available to provide company and engage in conversation, or simply share a meal. Social contact is proven to enhance health, happiness, and the quality of people’s lives. Our companionship care services can help to maintain a connection with your loved

  • Sharing a meal with your loved one.
  • Accompanying them or helping them to enjoy their favourite activities.
  • Engaging them in everyday tasks in the home.
  • Taking your loved one to local events or to see friends and family.
  • Enabling Clients to become more involved within their community

If you would like more information on Household & Domestic Companionship care we provide and how our services could be tailored for you, please contact us here.